Knowing your e-commerce serve each them customer profiles is essential for planning personalized strategies that meet each customer’s expectations, promoting a better experience and generating more chances of satisfaction. with an increasingly competitive and highly market, it is essential to know your business’s target audience in depth. Knowing how to recognize behaviors according to customer profiles is one of the ways to increase quality sales and retain consumers. This is because knowing the profile, demands and needs of online buyers is essential to anticipate trends and be to meet consumer expectations. To help you learn more about the subject, in this article we will present the main profiles of e-commerce customers and ways to serve each of them. digital.

Market shows that consumers have increasingly

Chosen to purchase products online. In , around million people made at least one online purchase — a % increase to the Benin Phone Number List previous year, according to the th of . In this context, to achieve even better financial returns, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumer’s profile and behavior. Due to the influence of technology and the greater proximity of people to brands, there have been several changes in online user behavior. In this way, e-commerce customer convenience, generating sales growth. In addition to factors such as , income and age group, knowing a little more about customers’ customs, habits and temperaments helps to establish more details about your purchase. According to a GoogleLatin America, of online.

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Buyers look for recommendations on social networks

Search engines before purchasing. It is therefore that these channels have great power to influence customers’ behavior and Germany Phone Number List purchasing decisions. Other research shows that Brazil is the third country in which users spend the most time on the internet. Among the most sites are social networks, which once again highlights the importance of paying attention to them. Furthermore, with the increase in the use of smartphones, these changes are . Brands to be ready to operate in a mobile environment if they don’t want to lose ground to the competition. Therefore, companies must know the characteristics of these customers who use smartphones and social networks, adapting to these trends. It is also worth highlighting that knowing useful.