In TrayNo comments Within an e-commerce strategy, taking care of the logistics part should not be neglecte. When it comes to transporting goods. Many e-commerce companies use the Post Office service. Depending on the situation and type of product, this is a more advantageous option than transport companies. In this post, we will show you what the it works and what its benefits are. We will also help you with a step-by-step guide that will be useful when your online store enters into this contract. If you are interested in the subject, be sure to continue reading. What is the contract with the Post Office? In order for  to provide the shipping and delivery  made between the parties, e-commerce can enjoy several benefits. Therefore, if an e-commerce serves people from all over.

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Signing up for a contract with the state-owne company. How does the contract with work? After the agreement has been signe between the parties, the retailer will have access to  responsible for managing goods, Web. Payment for the service is made Japan Phone Number List monthly. Among the features ofWeb is the registration of e-commerce products. Upon arriving at the company, the retailer’s only procedure will be to weigh the merchandise to see if it complies with the specifications entere into the system. He will leave orders at a counter, which avoids queues. There is also the possibility of a Post Office employee traveling to the virtual store’s stock address. What are the costs of the contract with the Post  between e-commerce and the state-own company) is free, retailers must be aware that there has been.

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This is because, in July , the Post Office terminate the package calle Parcel , whose minimum value for shipping via PAC and was,  the change, retailers can choose the option call Order or E-commerce , with the minimum quota to sign a contract being  Furthermore, within days, at least orders must be place, another significant change in  contract. To better understand Cambodia Phone Number List how this change impacts the online store’s finances, suppose that the entrepreneur has a posting left to complete the minimum quota state-owne company launches a financial supplement for the discrepant amount for the store owner to pay. However, in the first two months of the partnership, the retailer does There are several ways to send items via the Post Office, such as telegram and direct mail.