Comments Are you looking for good ideas for a Mother’s Day promotion? This is a great way to boost sales based on the boost provided by this date, which is so essential for the sale of products and even services. Just choose the right actions for your segment and audience and know how to execute them in the best way! Mother’s Day is one of the most important dates on the retail calendar, behind only Black Friday and Christmas. In , e-commerce revenue was R$ billion in this period, representing a nominal increase of % compared to the previous year, according to Ebit . In  audience and achieve a considerable increase in sales. With this in mind, we have prepared a guide with the main Mother’s Day marketing actions for you to apply in your online store.

Check out! Plan ahead Some of the main

Points of preparing for any commemorative date in e-commerce are having good planning and organization in advance. Like you, many other stores also want to increase sales during this period. With such fierce competition, those who don’t prepare in Hong Kong Phone Number List advance end up being left behind. See below some fundamental actions for your preparation before activating your Mother’s Day actions! Negotiate with suppliers and carriers Have you ever imagined running out of stock or transport on a date as important as Mother’s Day? This can happen if you don’t anticipate it. Negotiation with product suppliers and transport companies are the main points in this account. This h the high order traffic, it is important to make sure that the products will be delivered on time.

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Study offering more options to consumers

On commemorative dates , delivery time is even more important. People are looking for fast shipping and, in some cases, are even willing to pay extra to have the order in Brazil Phone Number List hand on the correct day. Therefore, offering different delivery options is essential. Also consider including other payment methods at checkout, which could end up being decisive for you to close new sales. Think about your consumer’s profile and which methods tend to be attractive to these people. Think about the stability of your platform Just as it is important to think about the impact of a Mother’s Day promotion on the logistics of your e-commerce, it is also necessary to think about the platform . What if it goes offline due to high demand for access from customers? To prevent this from happening.