Bet on valuable content, on interesting things you want to convey. The important thing is that if you decide to publish once a week to stick to it, you get your audience us to regularity. There are many disputes over the time of publication. It is said that the best hours are in the morning . Peoe come to work and over morning coffee they do. “press”. This is one option. However, we recommend that you do it in terms of the target group. Follow the activity of peoe you are interest in.

Marketing And Market Knowledge

For exame, if you want to reach CEOs, note that they are more active in the evenings and even on weekends. Recruiters, on the other hand, appear more often during the day. hashtag If you want to enter your hashtag, do it consistently and add it to al  entries. For hashtags to make sense, don’t use more than – of them. Let them whatsapp mobile number list be a guide, not a fashion accessory. The subject of the publication The subject matter of the and it will be different for a person looking for a job, and different for a person who wants to position himself, for exame, as a finance expert.

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Specific Plan That Each Of The Strategists

Make a list of the topics you want to cover. Select areas of your specialization. Also, make a list of interesting articles that you will share. Post schule Prepare your posts in advance. We recommend that you start by developing your own publication  an (you will download an exame of such a an from us in a few days when discussing CG Leads the Activity on LinkIn stage). Having a an, also develop a few “forward” posts. The inspiration to write good material is not always there, and in this way you will avoid the stress of publishing and you will always be ready. The anning process is , in a sense, an art.