In order to build trust on your website and thus gradually increase your conversions, focus on customer reviews and testimonials . It reassures them to know that other Internet users have been satisfid with your services. Increase the ROI of your campaigns Optimizing your landing pages will allow you to potentially have more income by having the same traffic. Thus, you will be able to free up more budget to devote yourself to other actions: more creative advertisements or campaigns on Adwords for example. Improve the usability of your site An easy-to-use site is closely linkd to the user experience.

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Designing a site that is clear, logical and easy to navigate is very important. This has an impact on your visitors’ conversions as well as your bounce rate. Inded, if the user struggles to navigate your site and does not easily find your whatsapp mobile number list information, he will leave it quickly. Take care of the ergonomics and create a customer journey that is logical for the user. Increase your conversion rate The end goal of an optimizd landing page is obviously to increase your conversion rate, whether to trigger a sale or fill out a form. 10 steps to optimize your landing pages.

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We have made a mix of the two infographics for you to select the most important steps in optimizing a landing page. Identify who CG Leads your visitors are Try to understand the type of traffic you receive on your site. Who are your visitors? Where do they come from ? What are they expecting to see when they land on your site? Answering all of these questions will help you understand how you can create your landing pages and where to place content on those pages. Publish compelling and intelligent content The text insertd on your landing page must be carefully thought out and plannd.