Search Engine Optimization) techniques are responsible for ranking pages in Internet search engines. on this assumption, it is of great importance to differentiate which procures are carriout inside and outside a web page. We are talking, respectively, about on-page and off-page SEO. In this article, you will better understand what each of these concepts means. Furthermore, we will explain the differences between them and, finally, we will show how to apply both techniques in e-commerce. In learning more about SEO? Continue reading the article and stay he first concerns the optimization strategies that are out internally on a web page. Google’s search algorithm is very strict when it comes to the quality of content. With the aim of improving users’ experience during a search, search engines have become increasingly To be easily found, the first step.

Is to create relevant content for the public

Which meets their pains and0 As a result, the number of visits to a blog or online store tends to increase, making business chances also increase. Off-page SEO is optimizations outside the page. A key element are links to Canada Phone Number List external pages. Consider an e-commerce of technology products. If a well-known IT company makes a link on its blog that directs people to that virtual store, Google will understand that the store is relevant — and, depending on the keyword, it will make the site move up in search results. How important is on-page and off-page SEO? If together, the two strategies can, over time, establish the authority of an e-commerce on the Internet. Furthermore, the increase in sales volume means that the business has to scale, in order to meet increasing demand with quality. It is also important to point out that organic traffic , in addition to  than paid traffic, which is done through advertisements.

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Therefore, the better the internal and external

Optimization of the pages, the less paid traffic costs an online store will have. What are the differences between them? Follow, in the following subtopics, the main aspects to be consider in on-page SEO. because they the text with keywords in a disorderly Belgium Phone Number List manner. Google, however, began to penalize these pages, giving relevance to well-content that actually people’s questions. The keyword must be naturally throughout the text, preferably in the introduction, intertitles and conclusion. Title tag The title tag shows users a preview of content to that search result. It is important that it is short, objective and leads people to read the post or go to the e-commerce page. To do this, it is essential to insert the keyword in the title tag. Meta description The meta description is the text that appears below the title tag.